Portable & Collapsible Pot For Travel

If you need a portable collapsible pot for outdoor and travel, then this foldable silicone pot is perfect for you. This pan is very light, only 246.5g, but it provides a volume of 1 liter and can be folded into a 35mm thin plate. You can bring any packaging with you.

Many products of the great collapsible series have been on many markets for so many years already, and you can realize this if you search a bit. If so, you will see many testing reports about the collapsible bowls and collapsible cups, which dates back to 2010 and even earlier. However, it seems that a wider audience has only recently realized these items.

Its top opening is indeed wide enough for stirring when cooking. This kettle is all you need for such warm meals, and it can also be used as a cooking pot for ordinary food. The bottom of this pot is aluminum, it absorbs maximum heat from the stove and it protects the upper body which is a heat-resistant food-grade silicone. The Stainless steel bottom is durable and not easy to age. The handle design is so cool. There are two glass-reinforced Nylon handles shown in the pictures. They support the upper rim and improve control when pouring.

More about the general use:

The kettle can only be used with a camping stove, so do not use it with a microwave oven, traditional oven or campfire. But in general, keep it low so that it does not go to the sides. But in general, keep it low so that it does not go to the sides. Do not let the flame of the stove spread beyond the bottom of the pot.



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